Surrogate Mothers

n. a woman who bears a child for another person, god's way of saying the world should go on: One who inspires HOPE, see's the good in all and changes another's life FOREVER. i.e.: An ANGEL.

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We understand your want and need for a child. With our dedication and experience in the surrogacy field, we will make sure that your journey is easy and memorable!

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  • Selecting a Placenta Specialist

    Placenta encapsulation is one of the newest growing trends in the United States. It’s no longer something only the “crunchy mommas” are embracing. The many benefits are well known and chances are you know someone who attests that despite what some critics say she felt better and healed faster after…

  • The Fight Over Frozen Embryos

    Freezing embryos is a major advancement in technology that can allow women to ensure a viable embryo when she is ready to have a baby. However, what happens when that embryo is caught in a case battle between a divorcing couple? Should the embryo be treated as property or as…