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Baby Bump Journey

Becoming a family is closer than you think. Baby Bump
Journeys offers one-on-one support through the entire
duration of your surrogacy journey.

The Story About Us And The Journey

Baby Bump Journeys is a compassionately ran Surrogate Agency. Carly Gonzalez and her team, provide personal surrogacy experiences and utilize those experiences to help the future surrogates in their journey. We offer a more personalized touch to each intended parent and surrogate through the entire surrogacy journey. From matching Intended Parents with the best surrogate candidate, attending IVF and OB appointments, and being available to both the intended parent and surrogate when they are in need. We pride ourselves in being very hands on, offering complete support and really getting to know each and every client and surrogate.

About Baby Bump Journeys

What We Offer

Baby Bump Journeys offers one on one support through the Surrogacy selection, IVF timeline, and throughout the pregnancy and birthing process. We are there for you when you need us. We want to make your dreams of becoming a parent come true.

Free Initial Consultation.

Once you place your inquiry with our agency, Carly will contact you personally to determine your wants and needs for your journey.

Custom Surrogacy Selection and Matching.

Carly will provide you with profiles that will match your specific criteria and will arrange a meeting between both parties.

Psychological support.

Baby Bump Journeys has a wonderful relationship with some of the top reproductive and family therapists whom are available to assist you in the psychological portion of your journey.

Legal support.

Baby Bump Journeys has teamed up with some of the most qualified and respected reproductive attorneys in the industry.

Guidance for Intended Parents during pregnancy process.

Carly and her Team will walk you through the process, to ensure you understand every aspect of what to expect throughout your journey!

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Selecting Your Personalized Journey

At Baby Bump Journeys, we understand that every Journey is uniquely yours and must be tailored to meet your specific needs and desired outcome. By selecting one of the services below, you can start to create your own personal journey.

  • Future Parents

    Future Parents

    Here at Baby Bump Journeys, we value each and every person wanting to start or expand their family. Contact us today for a free consultation to learn more about our program.

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  • Future Intended Parent

    Surrogate Mothers

    Baby Bump Journeys has experienced surrogates to help guide you through your journey. We provide a more boutique, hands on experience to help you through the process.

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  • Egg Donor

    Egg Donors

    Our team has experience in egg donation and will help you along the way with what to expect during the process. Our donor department is ran by an experienced donor.

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