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Future Parent FAQs

Every Intended Parent going through the process of
Surrogacy will eventually feel overwhelmed at some point.
With Baby Bump Journeys, our goal is to make sure your
entire journey is smooth and that you have the knowledge
needed at every step of the process.

How do we know we have chosen the right surrogate for us?

The coordinators at Baby Bump Journeys are very good at matching you with your perfect surrogate. We strive to get to know each individual in our program in order to make sure the match will be comfortable throughout the journey.

What happens after the delivery of the child(ren)?

Prior to delivery, your intended parent’s attorney will arrange for a pre-birth order, and for the Intended Parents’ names to go on the birth certificate. After the delivery, the baby will go with the intended parents to a rented room in the hospital or the nursery, while the surrogate will go into her own room to recover.

How will I know that my child(ren) will be taken care of?

All surrogates go through extensive screening, with psychological testing and medical screening, along with a look at their background. Baby Bump Journeys provides more of a hands on experience, so if you ever feel that you aren’t receiving enough information, we are happy to step in to manage that situation.

How soon will I be matched?

We work hard to make sure you have the right match. We cannot specify how long it will take you to get matched. There are many factors that can attribute to the match such as location, willingness to carry multiples, willingness to terminate or reduce, etc… Our matches are based on preferences of the Intended Parents as well as our Surrogate Mothers.
surrogate parent


“I felt so well taken care of and if I ever had a question or problem it was answered or solved asap! I feel like family, and I’m happy to be creating life for a family! I hope to be able to repeat this process again next year! Thank you Carly for everything!”