Surrogate Pregnancy

Surrogate FAQs

Helping a family is a selfless act from a generous woman.
Baby Bump Journeys offers one on one support to help guide
you through the process, and will answer any question you
may have.

What happens after the delivery of the Child(ren)?

Prior to delivery, your intended parent’s attorney will arrange for a pre-birth order, and for the Intended Parents’ names to go on the birth certificate. After the delivery, the baby will go with the intended parents to a rented room in the hospital or the nursery, while the surrogate will go into her own room to recover.

What is required of the surrogate mother’s husband or partner?

The Surrogate’s partner/spouse will have to get lab work done to test for any infectious diseases. We hope that the partner/spouse is supportive throughout the journey, but sometimes it can be hard for a partner/spouse to understand why their significant other would want to do something like this. Baby Bump Journeys is able to provide someone willing to speak with your partner/spouse, to help him with any questions he may have.

How much am I paid?

Surrogates fees vary by experience. Please contact us for information.

Does this cost me anything?

No. The Intended Parents are responsible for all expenses incurred as a result of the surrogacy. These expenses include surrogate mother compensation, surrogate mother medical expenses, attorney fees, and travel expenses.

Will I miss work?

To become a surrogate, it is important for you to understand the level of responsibility required in your duties as a surrogate mother. Many IVF clinic appointments during the surrogacy process are time sensitive and you will either have to miss work or schedule appointments before or after work. You may also be required to be on bedrest for a certain amount of time after an embryo transfer depending on the IVF doctor protocol.

Will the surrogate mother have contact with the prospective parents?

The amount of contact depends on the wishes of both the surrogate and the Intended Parents. It is important to make your desires known upfront prior to matching. That way, you can match with Intended Parents who have similar wishes.

What are the health risks as a surrogate mother?

Prior to beginning a surrogacy cycle, it is highly recommended that surrogates thoroughly discuss all potential risks and side effects with their fertility physician. There are several risks and side effects that may be associated with being a surrogate.
It is important that the surrogate consult with her OB/GYN to discuss the risks of pregnancy.

Can I use my own OB?

Yes, once you are released from the Fertility Clinic which is around 11 weeks, you will be able to meet with and use the OB/GYN of your choice. You are able to use the doctor that you know and feel comfortable with. Please make sure though, that the OB/GYN you choose is covered in your networks of doctors through your insurance.

How soon will I be matched?

We work hard to make sure you have the right match. We cannot specify how long it will take you to get matched. There are many factors that can attribute to the match such as location, willingness to carry multiples, willingness to terminate or reduce, etc… Our matches are based on preferences of the Intended Parents as well as our Surrogate Mothers.

What medications will I have to take as a Surrogate Mother?

Each Fertility Clinic is different and requires different protocols. The Surrogate Mother will be required to follow a cycle calendar specifically for their transfer. The typical medications taken are Pre-Natal Vitamins, Birth Control, Lupron, Progesterone, and Estrogen. Some medications are taken orally and others are in the form of injections or patches.

Sorogate Faq


“As an attorney in the field, I have had the opportunity to represent numerous surrogates who have worked with Carly and Baby Bump. In doing so, of course, I have had the opportunity to work closely with the agency and I have found the agency organized and found Carly always accessible to me. I think her personal experience having been a surrogate translates to her genuine care for our mutual clients. I enjoy working with great agencies and consider Baby Bump to be one of them. ~Greggory Field, Field Fertility”