The Journey

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The Surrogate Journey can seem overwhelming at times. With both Carly and her team already experiencing several pregnancies and deliveries through surrogacy, we feel they can offer the essential information to provide both surrogates and future parents an easy and enjoyable Baby Bump Journey.

Overview of Baby Bump Journey

Complete the inquiry form

A team member at Baby Bump Journeys will contact you to schedule a free consultation to review the process and answer any questions you may have. This can be done over the phone or in person.

Choosing a Gestational Carrier

With the help of a Team member at Baby Bump Journeys, the Intended Parents will review profiles of potential candidates. Once one has been selected, we will set up an initial meeting with you and the surrogate to ensure the match feels right to both parties.

If a connection is made and everyone agrees to move forward to the next step in the process, Baby Bump Journeys will issue the retainer agreement and request the initial retainer fee to start the screening process.

While the surrogate is in the screening process, Baby Bump Journeys will connect you to the drafting attorney to set up an initial trust account. This will cover all the screening costs and will prevent you from having to send funds to multiple places, at multiple times. This account will be used to pay for psychological screening as well as background checks and any medication the surrogate may have to go get and pay out of pocket for.

Screening Process

The surrogate will schedule her medical screening with the IVF doctor chosen by the Intended parents.

Psychological screening for the surrogate and spouse (if applicable). We will provide the therapist with the match information required to set up the screening.

Insurance Review

If the surrogate has her own insurance through her employer or partner/spouse’s employer, we will collect all required documentation and refer the Intended Parents to the insurance broker who will help facilitate a thorough review of her current policy. This will ensure that the policy will indeed cover a surrogate pregnancy. Sometimes the attorney will have a review of insurance included in their package, which allows them to review insurance that is already in place for the surrogate.

Should the surrogate require health insurance to cover the surrogate pregnancy, the insurance broker will help the Intended Parents choose a policy and help guide the surrogate through the application process.

Legal Contracts

The drafting attorney chosen by the Intended parents will begin working on the initial draft of the legal agreement. Once the initial agreement is approved by the Intended parents, the surrogate will do a thorough review with her attorney.

Once all Parties have signed and notarized their contracts, the IVF process can begin. Baby Bump Journeys will help to advise you on where to obtain a notary if necessary.

IVF Process

Your IVF doctor and their nursing staff will develop a calendar that works best for all of you to prepare for the transfer. They will provide the surrogate with the education she needs regarding all medications involved. Baby Bump Journeys will work closely with the surrogate and nursing staff to ensure everyone is comfortable with the process and will provide the Intended Parents with any updates or changes.

Surrogates are usually on the medications for 3-4 weeks before the transfer takes place. If the first transfer is unsuccessful, the process may be repeated with the IVF doctor’s recommendation.

You're Pregnant!

Once you're pregnant, your surrogate will continue her care through the IVF clinic for the first several weeks.

She will then continue her care through her personal OB. A team member at Baby Bump Journeys will accompany your surrogate on several visits, mainly the more important, informative appointments. We encourage the Intended Parents to be as involved as possible at these visits as well. We will make sure the surrogate will pass on any informative information to the intended parent(s) throughout the journey.

The Birth

Congratulations! The day you've been waiting for has arrived.

Baby Bump Journeys will help you with your specific needs at the hospital and will provide you with the referrals needed to obtain any documentation you require to get your little one home with ease.

Our Commitment


We get to know each and every surrogate applicant and make sure they understand the expectations of our program and surrogacy process.


Each surrogate goes through our in depth application process, interview, and background check to ensure the best possible candidates.


We provide 24-hour support to both our surrogates and Intended Parents, we know firsthand that questions arise "after working hours”. Carly and her Team will be available to help guide you at all times.