The Fight Over Frozen Embryos

Sep 29 / 2015

Freezing embryos is a major advancement in technology that can allow women to ensure a viable embryo when she is ready to have a baby. However, what happens when that embryo is caught in a case battle between a divorcing couple? Should the embryo be treated as property or as a person? Most of the time, courts rule in favor of destroying the embryos, so as to not force someone into becoming a parent. Even when contracts are signed that explicitly state the embryos go to one party, courts will often rule against the contract arguing it is not right to force a person to procreate. So, if you decide freezing embryos is the path you wish to take, be sure to consider who you are taking this journey with, any future situations that involve ownership of the embryos, and possibly signing contracts to ensure a definite future of the embryos.

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